[psd 135] download

[psd 134download

Anonymous asked: hey im having trouble downloading this psd /post/86104827218/lettis-psd-pack-download-i-know-that-all-of any idea why? photoshop says it's not the right kind of document

you gotta unzip it first

[psd 133download

currently working on making a lots of gifs, so no psd for awhile (6-7 days or more)

[psd 132download

betweenbourbonandlove said:i’ve been following this blog for a while but i’ve never give it a real look! Now i’m doing it and i’m going to like every single psd. They are really amazing…

oh my God, thank you so much gurl..made my day

betweenbourbonandlove said:it’s wonderful!!

thank you so much

[psd 131download

scarlettvampire said: kk, got it. It’s letting me download that particular PSD

thank you so much fore telling me